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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I'm not really sure what my point was there, more just stating examples of shows that had good leads. In case you were distracted by your burning hatred of Seinfeld, I did list other examples again, no real point I guess. I just don't share your view of most leads being there just to move the story. Then again, I've never been to no fancy writin school neither.
I wasn't saying most leads just being there to move the's just an inherent aspect of the main character. There has to be a reason for a show to be made...and the day-to-day ramblings of a burly Libertarian isn't enough of a reason.

To shift things to Community...there is no Community without Jeff, though I don't know anyone who lists him as their favorite character in the show. That doesn't mean he's a great character and the show is a great example of an ensemble show done right...but Jeff is the character that is the reason for the show existing, as without him wanting to get with Britta there is no study group, and he gets more screen time than any of the other characters usually...even if it isn't that much more than the rest of the ensemble. The show would be entirely different if he and Abed changed seats. As much as I love Abed it's pretty hard to write a primary story around him that doesn't degrade into some sort of talk about a mental condition...he's best as 1/7 of the group making his observations and movie references.

I'm just trying to think of shows where my favorite character is the 'main' character and they're few and far between. Arrested Development did a great job making Michael a deep and interesting character...but Tobias and Gob were still my favorite characters. Fry is a fun character in Futurama, but Zoidberg is my favorite of the main characters. Dwight in The Office, Bill in Freaks and Geeks, Jane in Firefly...the only shows that I can think of where my favorite character is the 'main' character are shows where there is a truly clear main a star vehicle (Seinfeld is named Seinfeld for a reason).

I'm a fan of ensemble shows...and most of them do have a character that I'd call the glue, the character that holds everything together and drives the bulk of the action.

The pilot I've been working on for years (I have no delusions of it actually being made, so I don't feel too bad about talking about it unlike half the people here who are so uptight about everyone 'stealing' their ideas...oi) is an ensemble show that follows a similar model to Community in the way the characters are laid out...I've got one 'main' character who clearly starts the wheels in motion and five characters that are essentially equal past that initial action (and another couple characters who play major parts without being primary characters...think Chang or the Dean in Community...who are the most outrageous characters on the show because of their roles). Even though my main character shares a ton in common with myself he's not my favorite character to work with, because he's a somewhat grounded individual. My favorite characters to work with are the more outrageous ones. To go back to Community...everyone is going to like Dean Pelton more than Shirley Bennett...but a character like the Dean isn't possible without having the grounded presence of a character like Shirley. A show where everyone is off living in their own worlds becomes unrelatable and hard to watch.

And yes, apparently I just called a show that has 3 episodes devoted to paintball a relatable show.

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