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10-06-2012, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I've always got the impression Siemens is one of the few players that may have that pure Adam Foote no nonsense mentality. The kind of guy that's a SOB to play against, and at times can be a bit of an SOB with his teammates because he won't hesitate to call them out. That may or may not be the case, but if it is, perhaps it was just him being that guy in a tough losing season, which caused some friction with certain teammates kinda like TPS alluded to with Foote and Stewart before he was traded. Plus a couple young mistakes like missing meetings, which it sounds like he has learned from.

I just hope it ends there. Like I mentioned before, Sutter giving an A to four guys ahead of him is more worrisome than the team taking away the C. If Sutter is acknowledged as a great choice for captain, I wouldn't think he'd let any personal issues influence his decision on giving an A to Siemens but who knows. Then again maybe it's just something as simple as Siemens asking not to be given an A. Doesn't look that good though that's for sure, and it shouldn't be a shock that an article came out stating such.
Didnt DS publicly say something about Elliot not being strong enough for the pros after he (Siemens) got cut? It was something like that which always struck me as kind of a jerkface thing in the media for all to see ,even if its true.

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