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10-06-2012, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
A question for the supporters of the players over the owners.

Do you understand that YOU, not the owners, will be paying for any concessions made to players?

Sports is just like the real world. People clamor for soaking the corporations with higher taxes just like people say that the owners are too rich and need to pay out more.

Doesnt happen like that.

If a corporation is forced to pay higher taxes..........that higher payment is passed on down to YOU in the form of higher prices.

If an NHL owner is forced to pay more money to the players........that higher payment is passed on down to YOU in the form of higher ticket prices and concessions.

Think about reality for a moment and you may not be so eager to see the owners getting less revenue.
You think the fact that owners will charge fans more money after a lockout will earn their support from the fans?

The fact that players' concessions come out of their own pocket where as the owners will just bleed the fans makes me support the players more.

Maybe we should make an NHLFA (fans association) and go on strike until we can get a hard cap on tickets/merch/etc. Or should we just expect the players to bail us out when we spend to much money on stuff like the owners do?

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