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10-06-2012, 02:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
So, asking for proof that televised home games garner more interest while defending Bill Wirtz and the way he ran his team thru out his tenure up until the internet exploded, when he never had a problem not providing home games on televsion while protecting his STH's, with proof from that perspective being he, you know, never put home games on TV up until he died, when he never once complained about financial loss, went half on a super arena that makes tons of money on parking and consessions alone outside of a ticket purchasing public?

The proof, is right there. He didnt change. Not one bit up until he died.

Now, show me where putting home games on TV has made the Hawks better right in the face of yet another lock out. When Rocky Wirtz has cried poor countless times thru the media even with 108,000 TV's turned onto his product in a city of 9.8 million. Show me proof that the Hawks are breaking even without some sort of speculative consipracy that Rocky is just saying this and that to justify being part of another lockout in less then a decade for a palrty sport in the States that is just hanging on by a thread that has die hards pointing to small media statistics that are the so low from the get go even a minute jump up would seem impressive and "table turning" while an inconic team such as the Cubs, has numbers dwindle down to the point that people are actually worried it might be a trend when reality says its just a bump in the road.

So again, proof?
You prove that McD and not Wirtz is the reason that games on on TV and after you give proof that internet viewership is the reason games where put on TV.

I want proof too.

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