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Originally Posted by 40oz View Post
There is literally no buzz around them, it's really disappointing. Unfortunately I'm taking night classes so I'm stuck with settling on weekend games. But even the Calgary game should have had higher numbers.
It's weird though, I'm university-aged and brought 4 other friends to the Calgary game and when I suggested it everyone was automatically game to go, they were excited even. They'd maybe all gone to 1 or 2 in the past, maybe none. The weird thing was it required literally zero prompting or convincing, they're at the perfect time, they wanted to go out afterwards to Whyte and we still made it there easily. It had just never occurred to them to attend before, they're all big hockey fans too, NHL fans that watch almost every Oilers game and any other games that are on TV.

It just seems like it doesn't connect with people or occur to them to attend. It's not an option when you're thinking of something to do—and that's where the Oil Kings marketing is coming into fail. I would classify my friends as above casual fans but not extremely hardcore, so why wouldn't they want to go to Oil Kings games for way cheaper when they like drink beer and go to an Oilers game whenever they can?

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