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Originally Posted by shortshorts View Post
Generally when I compare players, I do so comparing the major trait. While I do agree Corrado has great smarts and solid positioning, his major attribute is his puck moving ability, which resembles Ehrhoff.
MS really did explain it best.

There is absolutely nothing in Corrado's play that reminds me of Ehrhoff. If we go by your methodology of using a player's major attribute, then Garrison and MA Bergeron are comparables when that simply is not the case. You need to take into account the overall play of each player, not just one trait.

Feeling like a broken record here everytime this is brought up, but Corrado is a Tanev clone with the personality of a Bieksa on and off the ice. The strengths of both are their hockey sense and how they use it to defend and move the puck. Both suffer from a lack of strength due to their slender frames (although, i'd say from pictures Corrado added some muscle this year and looks to be bigger than Tanev at this point). They do not play a physical game, both have solid positioning. Both are smooth skaters, who have a very good first pass and neither are puck rushers like Ehrhoff was. Both are never going to be PP guys. When i watch Corrado, I don't see a guy you will use on your 1st PP at the NHL level, same with Tanev. Both lack the offensive creativity to truly excel in that position.

Where they differ is their shot. Corrado has a fast and hard shot, but it is not very accurate. Tanev's shot is weaker and he is hesitant to use it (maybe that will change this year). Also, Corrado has a bit of an attitude, in that he will chirp you the F out, and he will try to get you off your game. Whereas Tanev, i'd be surprised if he said a word during a shift or on the bench. Corrado plays feisty in that he likes to throw checks, but lacks the strength to make that impact a lasting one. Whereas Tanev would not initiate that contact the majority of the time.

I too have argued for him to be our top rated prospect D man and still do not understand why Connauton is ahead of him in our polls. But it is what it is.

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