Thread: Confirmed with Link: Matt Duchene's lockout adventure in Europe
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10-06-2012, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by agentblack View Post
This is just. Wow. How does someone say all that and still expect to get interviews and whatknot with the team? Does he even like the Avs?
Honestly? I don't think he does.

Sure, he liked it when the Avs were Cup contenders. But lately, he sounds like a butt-hurt fan when it comes to the Avs and really paints a grim picture when it comes to how the team is run. This bit he did on Duchene is an all- time low though. The one guy who has been bleeding burgundy & blue BEFORE he even played for the team... and he throws him under the bus? Wow. What a total misfire on Dater's part and REALLY makes him sound like a fool.

Dater likes ONE player on the Avs roster, and that it O'Reilly. Everyone else is either overpaid or shouldn't be playing.

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