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10-06-2012, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by PBPantherfan View Post
Hey if you like like dealing with a company that throws threats at you to try to keep your money thats your choice. I choose not to. It has nothing to do with ego it has to do with not supporting bad customer service. I'm in sales and customer service is number one to me. I haven't had a decent ticket rep in 3 years, and this loyalty program is crap.
honestly - i couldn't care less. if they're giving me 10% interest on my money, i'll take the money. good business is good business, and you'd be a fool to pass up the opportunity to save that much money.

btw - my ticket rep is amazing. try switching to a different one if you don't like yours.

And they aren't giving me anything. They have had my money interest free for 7 freaking months. Now they want to keep it for up to another year for 10% in tickets. They are giving me nothing they are getting my money for free. The only way they are giving me something is if every game was a sellout. As long as there are empty seats at the arena it costs them zero to "give me 10%" in tickets.
like i said - i couldn't care less what it costs THEM to give me 10%. all i'm interested in is MY finances. and the fact is, i'm saving a hell of alot of money by choosing option 1. it's not rocket science.

If you think that after a full year of a lockout they won't be discounting season seats more than 10% you are nuts. New ticket holders get a lot better deals every year than the die hard loyal fans.
i'm paying $38 per game for seats in the lower bowl, near center ice.... and have been for years. the actual price of my tickets are $110 for single games. i'll take my chances keeping my current price.

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