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10-06-2012, 07:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
Personally I think the protest should've overturned the call.

The call on the field was pretty blatantly wrong, but that's not why I think it should've been overturned.

It says here that the umps shall immediately declare the infield fly. When the ump called the infield fly the ball was a split second away from hitting the ground. The window to call the infield fly has already passed, so the rulebook was not applied correctly in this situation.

And honestly, the whole situation could've been avoided if the 6 umps got together and agreed it was the wrong call and changed it. But that never happens, and that's another reason I will always hate human officials. Their egos are more important in a crucial game like this then getting the call right.
No, it says the umpire should signal for an infield fly when it seems apparent that the batted ball will become one. If "ordinary effort" is required to determine an infield fly, and ordinary effort can't be immediately determined, then an infield fly (in this instance) could not be immediately determined. The call could have been made earlier, but not immediately.

Either way, signaling a call late doesn't make the call invalid. There's not really a "window" that passes on the call.


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