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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
The chart goes out of its way to make it seem bad though. For example from the first set of trades alone (underlined guys not mentioned in the trades):

-Thibault wasn't traded by himself for Roy and Keane, he was shipped with two young 25-30 goal scorers (Rucinsky and Kovalenko)
-Ricci was traded along with a 2nd (bust) for a 1st and Donovan
-Hextall was traded with a 1st (Todd Bertuzzi) for Fitzpatrick + 1st (Deadmarsh)
-Nolan Baumgartner was traded with Butcher + Sundin + Warriner for Clarke, Lefebvre, Wilson, and a 1st (bust)

Leaving out the fact that the Avs traded Sundin, Bertuzzi, Rucinsky, and Kovalenko sure makes things seem better for the Avs than they actually were...and that's just in the first set of trades...

The Avs dynasty was mostly built around the fact that they had drafted Sakic, Sundin, Foote, Nolan, then Lindros (and to a lesser extent Thibault) within a short time span along with getting key support players such as Kemensky and Kovalenko late in those same drafts. That's two first-ballot HHOFers (Sakic and Sundin), two potential HHOFers (Nolan and Lindros), and two all-stars (Foote and Thibault) and their GM had the balls to move key players in order to fill positions of need.

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