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Originally Posted by Ryan O'Byrne View Post
yes but if the players earnings equal the 57% of the regular season revenue before the playoffs then the players get back there withheld money the so called escrow. that is my understanding of how escrow works ,and if its right then the players lose nothing by striking and canceling the playoffs.
From what I can tell from my just-woke-up, pre-coffee read of page 152-159, it looks like you're partly right, in that the initial escrow payment occurs after the regular season, before the playoffs.

Then the playoffs have their own formula, then a "Supplemental Funding Phase," then "Final Escrow Disbursements." So if there was a strike called in the spring after playing the regular season, the players would still give up a big chunk of money they would otherwise be paid in the summer.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
A question for the supporters of the players over the owners.

Do you understand that YOU, not the owners, will be paying for any concessions made to players?

Sports is just like the real world. People clamor for soaking the corporations with higher taxes just like people say that the owners are too rich and need to pay out more.

Doesnt happen like that.

If a corporation is forced to pay higher taxes..........that higher payment is passed on down to YOU in the form of higher prices.

If an NHL owner is forced to pay more money to the players........that higher payment is passed on down to YOU in the form of higher ticket prices and concessions.

Think about reality for a moment and you may not be so eager to see the owners getting less revenue.
It has been shown many times on these boards that ticket prices are related to supply and demand, not the other economics of the game. What we are willing to pay drives salaries, not the other way around. See the results of the last lockout - the commish was spouting your logic, that cost certainty would result in lower ticket prices - it turned out to be the opposite.

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