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10-06-2012, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by GunsnRosesPenguins91 View Post
I need 2 of 3. One for my second RB spot and one for the flex:

Rashard Mendenhall vs. Philadelphia
Cedric Benson @ Indianapolis
BenJarrvus Green-Ellis vs. Cincinnati

Leaning toward Benson and BJGE since this will be Mendenhall's first game back and he will probably be a bit limited against a stingy Eagles run defense. But BJGE has a tough matchup as well, as the Dolphins have been pretty good against the run. Benson has a pretty good match-up and I'm leaning toward starting him over the other two. Right move?
Benson for sure, Indy's run D is suspect at best. I have Mendenhall and he's firmly entrenched on the bench for this week, just too hard to trust him this week, with Redman and Dwyer(who admittedly haven't been great) plus it's his first game back. At least with BJGE, nobody is gonna take his carries and he'll churn out probably 70 yards and a TD.

Originally Posted by Trap Jesus View Post
Dalton vs. Dolphins or Eli vs. Browns? Keep in mind that I have A.J. Green.

The Dolphins run D is so strong, and I think the Dolphins/Bengals game will be a lot closer than the Browns/Giants so I'm leaning towards Dalton, even with the added risk of having Green in my line-up (it could work out great to have both in, or it could be really bad). I know the Browns give up a ton to QBs as well, but I figure the Giants will be up early and won't rely on Manning as much as the Bengals rely on Dalton.

I would be really surprised if Dalton outperforms Eli in any capacity. Eli is a must start unless you have one of the Brady, Brees, Rodgers or Ryan.

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