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10-06-2012, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadienKid25 View Post
It's a fair assessment. The 2nd they received (45th overall) would most likely be better than what they trade away, but the trade does come close to a Turris for Gagner. Before this season, I would have thought it was close, but as you stated, Turris has passed Gagner. I think Gagner for Turris is a trade that may have been made instead of the PHX/OTT trade, but that is hindsight now as Turris's value is noe more clearly defined. It may look bad for Phoenix if they do the Rundblad + 2nd for Gagner, but I think pride gets in the way if you do not do it because of a previous trade. If you lost a previous trade, cut your losses and move on. Do not let it hinder your ability to make another trade.
I apologize if there was any offense taken by Oilers fans (not that you implied that at all), but I appreciate the non-confrontational attitude, considering that you are the OP, and most people on here spit acid when anyone dares to disagree with their proposal. Cheers!

Originally Posted by Neatman View Post
Im still not sure why people still think Turris > Gagner when Turris has never matched Gagner in the NHL, let alone surpassed him. At what point does his "potential" actually need to show itself?

And no to the OP, Rundblad would be nice, but the Oil need Gagner more. Not to mention Gagner is already a decent #2 C, whereas Rundblad hasnt cracked the NHL yet, and even if he does he isnt a lock to be a #3 D or better
If Gagner was a good enough 2C, Oilers fans wouldn't be saying repeatedly on here that their biggest need (or at least that a hole that they have) is 2C. So they aren't as sold on Gagner as they would have you beleive.

Also, I think they should be looking more at D and G. They have enough young potentially star forwards. As for your first question, Turris > Gagner because if you take away the 8 point fluke game, where at the end they were just putting him with their stars and trying to get him as many points as possible, and the 3 or 4 points from the following game, he's at best a 30-40 point forward, who is soft, whose defensive game is sorely lacking, and who stinks in the faceoff circle (pretty important part of the game for a centre I'd say). You take those two games away, their offensive numbers are similar, but Turris' 2-way game far trumps Gagner's. You add to that that Turris didn't have a training camp last year (possibly not this year either, with the lockout), and the bulk he's put on in the offseason as he's been directed to, and it increases his value all the more. And this is coming from someone that hated the trade for the Sens when we acquired him, but he's sold me.

Originally Posted by Iceonfire View Post
It is fair to so that Turris and Gagner have similar value. But what has Turris proven so far? His attitude towards the team that drafted him forcing a trade below value?

Turris 23 yrs old- 186 gp 75 points

Gagner 23 yrs old- 366 gp 220 points

Gagner came into the league as rookie (Also the youngest) and tallied 49 points.

And say what you want, but any player putting up 8 points in post 80s hockey is very impressive. If Gagner finally finds consistency his upside will be much higher.

Put Turris on a line with talent like Moreau or Cogliano and see how well he performs.
Turris has been great. He's played a lot of the time with Alfie, who is great, but is also 40 years old, and usually some third liner on his other wing. He's been great all over the ice, and a great teammate off of it as well, and has been involved in the community and charities in Ottawa.

Funny how Turris gets flack for wanting out of Pheonix when the coach wasn't using him properly (putting him with scrubs on the 3rd and 4th line and cutting his ice time, when he clearly has the talent and needs top 6 minutes to develop), and not a guy like Heatley, who has been traded 3 times (demanded a trade 2 of those times, and the other time the team got rid of him at their first opportunity), and is making 7.5 mill to be a 20 goal guy (and declining from there).

Originally Posted by Iceonfire View Post
Yah Turris is so great he might even break 30 points next season! But I guess who needs offense when you have Alfie, Spezza, Michalek and Karlsson..

Soon enough Zibanejad will take his roster spot. When that happens we can return to this argument over who is the better 2nd line center.

And for the record, Gagner has been training with Crosby and his trainer over the summer. He is up to 195-200lbs. My money is still on Gagner, Turris is just a stop-gap for better prospects.
We do have good roster players, and great prospects like Zibby and Silfverberg. But if you actually think that his spot will be taken, you don't know enough of our prospects, since Zibanejad can play center or more likely will be on the wing, and Silfv is a winger as well. Not to mention, that, you know, our GM just signed Turris to a long-term extension, and that Bryan Murray knows far more about hockey and these players than both you and I put together.

Now, lets please get this back on topic, that being the OP, not Turris vs. Gagner.

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