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10-06-2012, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by dcal64 View Post
The owners locked out the players because if they didn't, the players would have played the regular season, then went on strike during the playoffs, since they don't get paid and the owners make most of the profits during the playoffs. The owners would have had no leverage, with the players holding all the power.

Please don't listen to Fehr saying the players wanted to play, he didn't mention anything about the players wanting to play in the playoffs without a contract. I find it a joke that rich players are playing in Europe for practically free, taking away the livelyhood of fringe players. I wish they have replacement players, so that the players that lost their jobs with the NHL players going to Europe, come over here and take the NHL players jobs.
This is a credible threat... but.... this is not baseball. The majority of NHL players would run through a burning fire covered in oil for a chance at the cup.

As for the players going to europe... well ... the owners aren't honouring contracts, why should they. Also they want to stay in shape for when hockey does return... I've got no problems with most of them going over.... Markov however.... that's a bad call on his part, the habs treated him very well and he's going to risk injury and potentially never playing here again.

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