Thread: Speculation: AHL, support or not?
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10-06-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
Notice that its a good opportunity to raise ticket prices for Marlies games?

Lol @ fans mocking OP for taking a stance. Personally, I don't mind Marlie games and have already purchased a pair of tix for my bro's birthday. I go to a game or two every season since they have been at Ricoh. For 75 bucks I got two center ice mid level seats. Very reasonable IMO. Its decent hockey and you are watching pros. But I understand fully those who won't give a penny to MLSE...even going as far as boycotting Bell and Rogers communication services....its a lot of hassle and at the end of the day...ALL the fans in Toronto will flock back once the NHL starts up again. So really what's the point unless you plan on never returning. And if that's your stance...I fully support it. I pretty much did the same thing with MLB when they cancelled the World Series.
It's like voting, ya ,your only a force of one taking a stand but the reality is, that is all you have control over.

So, you do your part, what feels right for you.

Lets not forget every time you count something , it always starts at 1.

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