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10-06-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Gotye View Post
I don't see what everyone's fascination with size is.

Personally I think guys who are 5'10ish to 6'2(max) are usually the best skaters and players.

I am 6'7...not a great hockey player, but I am exceptionally clumsy.

There are rare exceptions to the Tyler Myers...but he had an awful season last year.

Guys who are bigger tend to be less mobile, take more time to make cuts and turns, and don't neccessarily have better overall puck skills...shooting and passing than guys who have lower centers of gravity.

I think Rielly will be just fine. I don't see him as a defensive juggernaut, but he is certainly more mobile and will certainly be more noticeable than Luke Schenn was. Schenn has one developed skill, he's big, but not very mobile, and not good with the puck.

Most HHOF defenseman are guys who are in the 5'10-6-2ish mold. Whether you start with Orr, Coffey, Lidstrom, Borque...etc.

Not saying Rielly will be a HHOFer...but I am saying he has ideal hockey size.
I don't get people's fascination with height and how they figure it equates to tough? To me , seeing Reilly finish top 10 in grip, bench press and pull strength says a lot. If you were to get in a ring with someone with those three characteristics, there's a good chance that once he gets hold of you, he can rag doll you. I know that isn't his game but given he is seen more as an offensive dynamo, those other traits bode well for him.

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