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10-06-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
Exactly whose fault is that?

You keep making statements about the merits of what each side has offered as if you are in the room. The fact is we have no idea what is really going on in the negotiations.
I am making these statements based on the information that has come out publicly about the negotiations.

The NHL has made three seperate offers while the NHLPA has made one.

In each of the NHL offers they have made concessions. These are not blanket statements or assumptions. These are facts.

And it's the fault of A) The Players B) their agents and C) the GMs

A guy like Shea Weber didn't HAVE to sign that offer sheet with Philly, but he did, which in turn set a standard. Holmgren didn't have to put forth that offer sheet, which he did, it ergo set a standard.

It's not like the players are AT ALL free of blame from the increasing price of contracts. After all, guys like Doughty held out for more, as did Penner back in the day...and then you have things like the Weber offer sheet, the Vanek offer sheet....

Do you think these players are going to say no to more money just to preserve the health of the league? No,. Are they going to tell their agents don't get me the best deal available, instead get me a lesser money deal with a low market team. No, they do the exact opposite and then they blame the owners/GMs at a time like this. They pass the buck of responsibility and say, "Well if that contract you're offering is going to hurt the league then don't offer it to me." And then they sign it and enjoy their pay increase.

So hey man, don't give me that gun cause I might shoot someone with it. Then they shoot someone and blame the guy who handed it to them.

Both are to blame equally. The players/agents and the GMs. The NHLPA and the players are by no means as innocent in ANY of this as they like to make themselves seem.

They are just as guilty of driving up the prices as any GM is due to things like what Doughty did, and Vanek, and Weber.

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