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10-06-2012, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Tkachuk4MVP View Post
Hadn't thought of it from this standpoint but you're absolutely right, plus there's the obvious point that most of the core is on the wrong side of 30. This just blows all the way around.
Originally Posted by Franchise13 View Post
What I was referring to wasn't that necessarily, but it was related to their terms and contracts that are standard on Disney contracts/negotiating tactics. Not sure if what you say is still prevalent thankfully, or rep firms have wised up to their act. The leads in "Prom" weren't splurge type dollars, and that's the last I saw. Perfect instance of grabbing midlevel names, though both those leads only signed on for that movie iirc.

Disney locking up their "star" before possibly catapulting them with their movie @ pre movie price is not a terrible move on their part. Now obviously the way they handle the process changes the narrative, but hopefully the talent has taken the precaution of securing representation that guards against things that aren't in their best interest. Curious if the Mickey Mouse Club is when this practice started?

Not surprised about the cartoonist comment. A convo me and the Mrs. had with a few people at Disney's own Club 33 over the summer pretty much suggests that level of treatment throughout the company. But like I said, scorned people tend to play the part so who knows. I'm sure there are some positive stories people could share, but those don't tend to be shared.

Man, if the Sharks ever play again, we should have a drink. Can probably swap some interesting stories lol.

Back on topic: This lockout sucks for the Sharks especially. Why? Powerhouse NFL team, two great baseball stories going on while Sharks remain irrelevant news wise. Nice work NHL.
I had a similar thought the other day. If the lockout is an extended one, it could really hurt the Sharks when/if they come back.

People like us (people on the board) will probably always watch the Sharks. We'll probably still attend games and still buy merchandise. However, a decent chunk of revenue for the Sharks and the league is driven by the casual fan. The people who you know that all of a sudden like hockey because there is a team doing well.

I think one of the reasons the Sharks have seen such an increase in popularity is because when they came back the Niners, Raiders, A's and Giants were terrible and really continued to be terrible until about a couple of years ago for the Giants (last year for the Niners and this year for the A's).

If they come back after an extended break (a year), they will be coming back to an area with three good teams and one with a mega-stadium almost built.

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