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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Okay, you're just being nonsensical at this point. In the course of your posts, you've defended the elder Wirtz for not letting Hawks games be on TV because it wouldn't make enough money to make it worthwhile and yet still admitted that making some money off TV is better than nothing (not to mention putting an unnecessary hassle on fans that actually want to follow the team on TV), complained about Hawks local TV ratings despite being on par if not higher than two more popular teams in Chicago just because they're not as popular as two other more popular teams, provided no evidence to back up any of your claims while requiring other people to do the legwork for you for universally agreed upon facts, likened to the current ownership fibbing about losing money to the previous ownership actually losing money in droves due to lacking a TV contract and drawing for **** at the gate with significantly lower ticket prices than now, and completely ignored how much more popular the Blackhawks have gotten over the past several years largely due the Rocky and McD abandoning the idiotic policies of Dollar Bill.

Nothing you're saying makes sense, and a lot of what you're saying is incredibly inconsistent, too.

As for proof, fine....

Business and other organizational ineptitude leading the Hawks to be named the worst franchise in all sports (opinion, of course):

The transformation of the Hawks from a joke to a profitable (albeit lying about said profits) team with a championship under their team was downright meteoric. The Hawks are going to be pointed at for years as the premier example of a sports franchise managing to turn things around in astonishingly fast fashion. Ignoring that is just laughable.

The Hawks are #5 in Chicago right now..... a few years ago, they probably weren't even in the top 20 most popular teams in any sport in their own town. Heck, the freaking AHL Wolves were more popular than the Hawks.
The fans came back because the team was winning, not because the games were magically on TV. The old barn was sold out in the 80's and 90's because it was a good team.

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