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10-06-2012, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by HogtownSabresfan View Post
I want a strong centre down the middle, that's all. Don't see that developing anywhere else on this team. Cody could be great but he's more finesse for sure. And Ennis is 5.9. Ott/Leino are not centres. Forget this year, three years from now tell what they have that can be powerful down the middle? Grigorenko. Maybe? Centres are so much more valuable than wingers. Sabres love to screw around with players. This team never does enough with its talent.
It's nice you have so much faith in the way Sabres develop prospects. I don't. Myers is withering, Vanek should be so much better, Stafford (don't need to say anything), Etc. I think Regier drafts/trades well and the coaching system doesn't get enough out of guys.
Boy, maybe I'm reading this wrong. Maybe someone else can correct me here. It sooo sounds like all the blame for underproduction or stunted development is 100% on the coaching staff and 0% on the player themselves.


To be "the best" a player can be in an NHL environment, I view it as a 75% player responsibility, 25% coaching staff.

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