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10-06-2012, 01:37 PM
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Have a chance to sit down and really think about the last 24-hours now.

The game:

- fugly. London dominated us and we didn't fight back. It's disappointing because we have the talent to dominate teams. I just question our mentality at times.

- Has anyone seen Marchese, Clarke, or Clark?

- I like Schoenmakers, but if he put all that frustration towards scoring goals, we'd be scoring another 2-3 per game.

- Big game by Bilcke and I'm proud of him. While he got into the fight to try to get the boys going, he also nearly scored and was playing a very solid two-way game. He's improved a fair bit.

- Pavelka was left hanging on almost all of the goals. While London is that good, Windsor isn't THAT bad.

- Oh Domi, sweet he hasn't been popped yet, I don't know. I respect the kid for being a goal scorer, but this yap and run mentality is going to cost him one day. Even Downie and Ott answered the bell on occasion.

Regarding Koko:

- We heard about it just before the game. I can't add much more to what's been said besides thank goodness! He'll be a breath of fresh air and, maybe, will get Kerby going a bit. I feel bad for Bezuch, but this is an ideal situation for Windsor. Hopefully he's in the lineup on Monday.

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