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10-06-2012, 02:05 PM
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I've posted this before, but I'll post it again, it's a progression that really helped me improve my skating/edges:

This link has terrific edgework drills:

The only thing I don't like about it is the order they're presented in, they have the 1 leg weaving drill early on, when it's the toughest skill to master. My suggestion would be:

1) Start with the 1-footed figure 8s, on both your inside and outside edges, do these until you're very comfortable on all edges
2) Progress to scissor skating, again until you're very comfortable, doing it both slowly and quickly, and getting lot's of pressure/power out of all 4 edges
3) Progress to crossovers (slow crossovers, really focusing on form). Lateral step drills can help here too (walking along the blueline by crossing your legs over each other, facing the end boards)
4) Progress to 2-footed turns (with basically equal pressure on your inside and outside edges). Start coming into the turn slowly, then practice coming in with more and more speed
5) Try the 1 leg weaving drill to really perfect your technique

Ideally you will do this whole progression going both forward and backward, but obviously it's much tougher going backward. One last tip is to keep a nice deep knee/ankle bend, too many newer skaters skate really upright, which hurts your balance and ability to generate power.

By just practising crossovers, you'll eventually get decent at them, but I think to become TRULY comfortable on all 4 edges, so you can really generate a tonne of power on those outside edges, you need other drills too (like the ones listed above).

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