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10-06-2012, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by patty59 View Post
1.How does no-touch icing speed up the game? It will lead to more whistles IMO.
2. yes
3.Do not like
4. Would be too hard for the linesmen and would result in a lot of complications
5. yes
6. I don't like suspensions, but not a real problem if added
7. They can now, but they can't stop play
8. yes
9. Double yes
10. This would be good since the fighters could get out during play and go again right away, so yes
11. I'd rather see 0 points for a loss, but this does pretty much the same thing.

I would like to see the puck over the glass rule GTFO.
1. Except for the rare time an icing is negated, you're not waiting for someone to go back and touch the puck while the defensive team tries to sneak a change in and the officials have to stand there and waste time getting the right players back on the ice, Sounds faster to me.

4. It's no different then the current tag up rule except that one player can carry the puck in while everyone else has to tag up. For example, you Joe, Dan and Lou are trapped in the zone. I, being the PMD you so want LOL can carry into the zone but the 4 of you must tag up and can not re-enter until the 4 of you have. How is that any harder then it is now? I'm only asking because you've officiated at a high level and fail to see how it would be harder

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