Thread: Confirmed with Link: Matt Duchene's lockout adventure in Europe
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10-06-2012, 03:01 PM
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I don't see Avs fans as feeling more entitled than any other fanbase that has won the cup before. I think saying things like that is the easy way for someone to appear better or more objective than the normal fan.

Dater has no idea what he's taking about in about 95% of the things he writes or talks about. He has conversations with himself basically, because anyone else reading his stuff has the "What the hell are you talking about" kind of reaction.

And he does the doubly annoying thing where he tries to paint himself on both sides of the fence on subjects. He'll get all worked up about trivial things, and then at the end of the paragraph say he doesn't root for players or teams. He constantly gets on the stump about an issue, and then because he's self conscious about getting bashed for what he said, he'll basically make the point for the other side.

And speaking of entitled, Chambers throwing a hissy fit and painting Varly as a cancer in print just because he didn't want to talk to him after a bad game was pathetic. Who the F is he? He's been covering the NHL for five minutes and he thinks every player owes him an interview.

They don't even appear to know the sport that well with what they say, and their analysis of things. Most of the people on this board know more about the Avs and about hockey analysis, and the worst part about it is Dater and Chambers don't even write well. So what the F are they doing there? We have two guys that don't really know **** about hockey, get worked about nonsense, and aren't even decent writers. So frustrating.

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