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10-06-2012, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by monkeywrench View Post
You are forgetting the 6 games and 0 points he played for Phoenix, because that does count for his ppg stat.
Last time I checked you can not take points off of someones stats to make your arguement better, because if you would like to do it that way we can discount his 4 point game against the NYI (much easier team than chicago) and one of his 2 point games so that would be 53 games played and a grand total of whooping 23 points. That is just a flat out stupid way to debate who is the better point producer. Which is Gagner.
If you read any of the thread, Turris was misused in Phx, he played 10-12 min a night the entire time, including this season. They and apparently their fans have irrational hate towards the guy and his abilities. That's why I took out the 6 games, and only count the Sens games, because he was misused and not allowed to play up to his ability.

My point with taking out those points was that Turris is a more consistent scorer.

We can make the 8 point game a "regular good game" and give him 3 points instead. That 8 point game was 100% a fluke. replace it with a regular good game and he has 42 points on the season and a worse point per game than Turris.

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