Thread: Confirmed with Link: Matt Duchene's lockout adventure in Europe
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10-06-2012, 04:08 PM
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Would absolutely love to see a bunch of AVs jersey's with names and number added to them that reflected players who lost jobs overseas when the NHL comes back. Even if it is just scotch tape and sharpies...The NHLPA robs jobs and dreams everywhere. For every NHL player who signs a contract over-seas, a hard-working person has lost a job. Screw them...there is no solidarity when you take jobs from lesser players because you think you should be paid more.

[edit...If the NHLPA wants the high road they should put an and to the the ability of their players to take contracts overseas. You are either part of the NHL or can't have it both ways. Too many players have tried to play both sides and I have lost respect for all of them...Maybe the NHL should put an embargo on players who sign for less than a year on non-NHL teams. This **** has got to stop.]

[editX2..The next thing you know Peter Forseberg will start thinking about finishing a master's degree on-line and will start a University of Phoenix team consisting of all-star recently retired stars to go up against the CCHA.]

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