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10-06-2012, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by OilChuck View Post
Sounds like the pressure has shifted to the owners. The pressure is coming from the US television networks. Their deal is a graduated deal that could blow up in their face if they're not careful. The networks are pissed and they're putting on the pressure. Good news!
i heard Shannan talking about that. i'm more optimist today than a few days ago. surely to god, the owners' hardline for an immediate salary rollback isn't worth losing the whole season, is it? all they have to do give up on that one item and they can avoid the unestimatable (not sure on that word) damage. i've said it before, if they gas the season, they will have gotten their last dollar from me. it would be a smart strategy by bettman to drop the immediate rollback, making a slower, more reasonable rollback seem like a concession/compromise.

i think the owners will move on their position before it is too late for at least a 50 game season.

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