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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
First of all if Buffalo was the main reason Hamilton dose not have an NHL. team why don't they advertise , televise there games , sell there merchadise in our department stores ect. & last I checked it was only leafs that advertised & televised there games in Hamilton & sold there merchandise in Hamilton department stores ect. with the odd senators merchandise . What makes you think that MLSE. will allow Markham to have an NHL. team if they bulid that arena & not Hamilton when clearly when Hamilton is furthier away & will not have any impact on MLSE. other non hockey intrest namely the Raptors & Marlies . One last thing forgot to mention with Global spectum & Live nation takeing Copps Coliseum next year they said there main goal is to aquire an NHL. team for Hamilton which leads me to think that MLSE. & Global spectrum are going to work together to make sure Hamilton gets an NHL. team & markham dosen`t because MLSE. has a lot to lose if Markham gets an NHL. team .
Jim, all I said was when Markham gets a team I hope you're still around to post about how I was right and you were wrong. To be honest Mississauga is a better location than Markham, however the arena is being built in Markham. Why? The NHL would never allow a team in Mississauga it is still to close to Buffalo. Let alone Hamilton's proximity to Buffalo. Hamilton already has an arena yet the league states about the prospect of Hamilton getting a team, ohhh crap we never thought about it before? Do you believe that?

Markham is not anymore special to Rauston than Mississauga. Mississauga would be a better location, although Markham will do very well anyway. Ask yourself why would he build there as opposed to Mississauga? Both locations are close to MLSE, the only reason is the Sabres territory. I posted earlier in this thread what the Sabres President thought about Southern Ontario and how they plan to visit and caravan the area several times a year. If Hamilton gets a team beore Markham, I'll post how you were correct all along. Cheers

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