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Questions from and old(ish) newb at hockey

Hello all. I am a long time fan of the game and I want to start playing. Looking at joining a rec league on the base I am stationed at and wanted to start putting myself in a position to be less embaressed. There is an outdoor roller hockey rink that I can use any time it's daylight so I plan on putting that to good use. I am 30 years old, been in the Corp for a dozen years so I'm not in too bad of shape but not as good as I'd like to be. As I'm currently deployed (at sea no less) I can't go skate which I understand is going to be the thing I need to learn the most and first.

With that in mind is there any particular excersizes that are good for preparing my body for skating/playing. I currently run 5 miles every other day, averaging about an 8 minute pace, and body weight excersizes (pull ups, dips, push ups). Obviously I need to work more on my lower body and I know running won't do enough so what excersizes should I look at?

Also I plan on ordering the needed equipment so it's waiting on me when I get home. Any suggestions on skates or equipment for a new guy?

I understand that I am probably gonna get laughed off the rink a few times but I plan on working on it till I get it. So any tips related to the above questions or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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