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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
A few random thoughts:

1) Back in 1997 Jeremy Jacobs put in a brief bid for the expansion Cleveland Browns. He paid the application fee ($150K with 50% refundable) and then withdrew after getting the bid package. Apparently he just wanted the concessions contract on the arena (which he eventually got). He was never a serious contender because he said he was never going to sell the Bruins, and the NFL ownership rules prohibited him from owning an NFL team and a team in another sport that is in an NFL market. Take that for whatever its worth, but I just think you always have to question his motives.

2) With MLSE we have to consider that MLSE has new management in the last few months. So who knows what new MLSE has in mind. When the Expos moved to DC they had to agree to some broadcast rights concessions to the Orioles. I think they had to agree to a regional sports network. There maybe a difference between how a pension fund views a new team vs how 2 media markets view it.

3) Are people in the Niagara region Sabres fans because they are close to Buffalo or because the Sabres aren't the Leafs and they are near by. If its the latter than yeah I could see Hamilton hurting the Leafs. Also, as long as the US border agents insist on harassing frequent crossers like myself that will start hurting the Sabres too.
I'm not a sabres fan but I go to sabres games because I like going to NHL games without having to get a second mortgage.

I live in burlington so it takes me an hour to get to buffalo,after I get gas and cheap beer to take home,it's well worth the trip.

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