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Originally Posted by PACKY D ELEPHANT View Post
The Owners are going to win, make no mistake about it.


I think the problem the whole time is defining HRR.

I just don't see the players budging this year. They have money on signed paper and the owners are trying to renege on their deals with the roll backs.

The players probably feel if they let it go now, and they let it go in 04' whats going to happen in next time the CBA expires, are the owners going to ask for more concessions?

I'm scared of the path this is heading, people joke about the KHL now, but the way things are heading in this league the KHL will be a force to be reckoned with. I see players going back overseas and get their "deserved money".
The players have nothing.

Each contract is contingent on an agreed upon CBA. The CBA envisioned has a maximum % the players will get.

If they actually believe what you obviously believe, they are listening to the wrong people.

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