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10-06-2012, 06:59 PM
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+1 for practising and playing with the same stick. Practising with one stick then playing with another can throw you off, especially if they have dramatically different weights and flex profiles.

Instead of buying a mix of top of the line and bottom of the line sticks, I'd suggest buying a bunch of slightly cheaper sticks. You can often find top of the line sticks on clearance simply because a new line has come out, even when the differences from one year to the next are very minimal in terms of performance. You can often get $250 sticks for around $150 on clearance, though it can take a bit more searching to find one with the right flex and curve. If you find a really good deal on one, stock up with a number of them.

One model down from the top can also be a good option, especially when they're on clearance. Sticks like the Bauer X50 were selling for around $90-100 for quite awhile, and it was a nice stick, not a particularly noticeable difference from a top of the line stick.

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