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Others can probably help you better, but since I'm here first...

Core strength and balance exercises probably would help a little (Google being your friend). You might get a hockey stick and ball/rolling puck for your quarters to really try to work on eye hand, ect. (Also, barbell squats are the best exercise in existence.. for anything really)

But the big thing would be ice-skating. (Assuming you want to do rec Ice-hockey?) I don't know what it is like most places in the States, but here in Canada you can find adult learn to skate in most major cities. Often these are at 3 levels, intro, intermediate, and more advanced/power skating... with the idea that you can go 1, 2 ,3... joining one of these and really giving skating a solid year of intense dedicated practice (transitioning to stick and skate and shinny) is what you need.

If you can kijiji up a group of like minded people who are beginner-ish but really keen, that would be great too. You could eventually transition to stuff like booking ice-time at your local rink for focused practice/shinny games until you're ready to join a beginner type league. My cousin works at a rink, and she tells me that (here at least) such groups do exist. There are some things for ice that a roller rink just won't help with.

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