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10-06-2012, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BoneCrushingHit View Post
Honestly, I'm undecided if the call last night was the right one or not. It's designed to help the runners, and the offense, but considering the runners were able to successfully advance anyways after the ball dropped makes me think the wrong call was made. But, it's a very tough call for an ump to make as it's a 100% judgment call needed to be made in a split second. It could have gone either way.
To be fair to the umps, the rule is designed to prevent the fielder from intentionally dropping it to create a double play.

The SS let it drop by accident. He wasn't mentally prepared to throw the ball for a double play.

I personally don't have a problem with the infield fly call being called that far away from the infield. The rule states that even the OF can be the ones playing the ball for the double pay and get an infield fly call. I have a HUGE issue with how late it was called, and the fact that it was called when no one was really in a good position to play it (my teammates in high school would always scream BERMUDA when a ball was hit in that area because communication gets lost over there.) By calling it when the ball is about to land, you do not negate the disadvantage the runners are at. Pretty much the only thing the umpire did by calling the infield fly was automatically call the batter out. He didn't help the runners out at all. If he called it earlier, the runners would have tagged up.

I guess technically if he called it earlier, the Braves would be at even more of a disadvantage because the runners would have stayed at 1st and 2nd instead of advancing, but thats not really the point.

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