Thread: Confirmed with Link: Sylvain Guimond, new Habs psychologist
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10-06-2012, 08:13 PM
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We really have no idea whether or not the Habs use advanced metrics in player evaluation. I don't think they necessarily have as much of a use as they do in baseball, it's harder to quantify production in hockey. CORSI relQoC and GVT provide a good look at the value a player provides, and are certainly valuable metrics, but it's not quite at the point where it can so heavily augment traditional methods. The reason it works so well in baseball is because it's a very static game, every pitch is its own separate statistical event, whereas with a fluid sport like hockey it's much harder to quantify. I'm a big fan of advanced statistics in hockey, but at the moment it's not quite at a Moneyball level.

I'd like to see NHL teams throwing more money at it and help what is right now largely a niche segment of hockey journalism reach the forefront.

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