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10-07-2012, 12:10 AM
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This guy posted on FB from the Bulls front office that he encourages anyone with feedback/ideas to email him directly.

Joe Wagoner: @ Phil and to everybody, we WANT to know your thoughts and what you want to see. This is your team.. we work for the fans! Please email me, Joe Wagoner (I'm part of the Bulls front office), at
I almost fell over early on in one of the "box" seating areas. Went to stand up and take half a step back to let Doug walk by me to sit and the bench of 4-5 seats started to fall backwards since it wasn't bolted or locked down at all. Watched the game from like 4-5 different places around the area through the night. I think the better seats will actually be mid-3/4 up due to how flat the seating is in the lower levels. Or in the beer garden. I see them needing a giant Bull head who's eyes glow red and smoke comes out it's nostrils.

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