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Originally Posted by wKetch22 View Post
It drives me nuts how easily the AI players can knock me over.

They can hit in like rapid succession, so if their first hit doesn't knock me off the puck, they hit me again .1 seconds later and then probably knock me off it... Humans can't do that though. Also computers can hit me from behind going full speed and somehow make me fall, and they can crush you even if they aren't moving. Like if you deke past a defender, and are past him, he will somehow hit you anways and you will go FLYING despite dekeing past him, him missing his first hit, and the fact that you are skating away from him at full speed.

Another thing that irritates me is when you pick up the puck sometimes, your player like automatically starts skating backwards leaving the puck vulnerable to stick checks. For example, say I pick it up in the corner, and want to skate back to the point to get away from the opposing team, my player will skate backwards to the point, or turn really slowly while skating, thus making him really vulnerable to stick checks.

The computer hitting almost makes certain offline game modes impossible to play for me

I'm hoping the new tuner sorts this issue out, because it's been one of the big reasons why I've just put NHL 13 away for a week or so - imagine becoming so fed up with a game that is barely a month old.

I share the same frustrations. CPU players are literally walls on the ice - zero momentum, zero body positioning on your player, and yet they send you absolutely flying. Tone down the aggression and hit checking and you either a) accomplish nothing whatsoever, or b) completely ruin the experience by making the CPU team a bunch of sissies that get over-run, and that's not competitive at all.

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