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Originally Posted by mikeandI View Post
Holley/Rob/Wilcox/freddie/aus cheerteam
i am confused on the CIS schedule as well, seems everyone starts their season (at least CW) and then interrupt it to go (never sask and only once in past years for AB) and play NCAA teams on their turf and their rules refs etc.
this year CW built their schedule to give them all a break to do this.
Is there money to be made? or is it just the lure of competition....?
I was reading where Gatto in Lethbridge says it is so good that it works out to 2 scholarships for his program. not sure what that means financially but guess it must be important!
Look at the schedule some of these guys put their teams thru to get these games in!?
Lethbridge and UBC will play sat/sunday/monday and then travel back to canada only to go on the road thursday again for Canada west competition. Lethbridge can't fly anywhere from Lethbridge but must bus to Calgary, Regina has to fly to Seattle via Denver or Minniapolis to get to Alaska.....this adds at least another day for travel?..doesn't make sense to me.
I have heard all the maintoba guys talk about a trip a few years ago to Nebraska where they left after a saturday night canada west game, travelled all night and played 2 games on sunday monday and then travelled to Calgary the next weekend, all sick and out of gas.....Manitoba plays at home next weekend so travel shouldn't be as much of a hinderance in their prep...but is it really worth it? No points, no bragging rights and in most cases a 50/50 chance of winning.
Maybe it is a team building thing, a life experience kids will remember! which is all good but it is beginning of the season? Risky I think! maybe i am out to lunch.
The AUS boys always talk about big vreds upcoming games versus NCAA teams and they look for it hoping it is on their schedule prior it's release and then highlite it ...but it doesn't affect their AUS standings or their top 10 rankings...and what happens when a CIS team loses....nobody reports it.
I guess my question is why not a December schedule date for these games? Won't they (NCAA) play then. too much emphasis on exhibition series versus a league we will never be a part of! Promote the CIS quit chasing the dream ! IMO! look at how many games this weekend in the CIS were against the NCAA, was just looking at Holley`s weekend update. Crazy really, please someone help me understand!
I do not know the financial arrangements for sure. But the Bisons played before about 9,000 fans on Saturday, so I am guessing this is a free trip for them.

The scheduling this year is a mess. The CW should have played last week's games on November 2-3. Then there would be no problem.

I believe that the NCAA teams are full of it re: scheduling. They send basketball teams here every year. (BTW, the Bisons beat Wayne State this season already.) However, I cannot recall the last time a CW team hosted an NCAA team in hockey.

IMO, this makes the CIS look bad. CIS teams would have more leverage if conferences set up the interlock, rather than individual teams. Last January, UND played Clarkson at the MTS Centre. Why couldn't each of those played the Bisons as well?

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