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10-07-2012, 04:18 AM
Fj Atkinson
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are inline hockey skates worth it?

I am looking to start playing ice hockey again after christmas but I am want to get some training in so that I can at least handle the puck without looking like a complete fool. I don't get a lot of ice time, I am on quite a low wage and I have to save every penny I can so that I can afford to go to ice hockey, so roller hockey practice is the closest I am going to get because I am not going to be playing roller hockey competitively I am unsure about forking out for such expensive skates when I can get roller blades for a fraction of the price. I was just wondering whether the hockey roller skates are worth the extra money, are they closer to the performance of ice skates or will I just be as well with the roller blades for the time being? All help is appreciated thanks

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