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10-07-2012, 05:35 AM
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I just finished watching the full game. It looked like the stream only started halfway through the first period so I may have missed a few shifts.

The lines were for the most part:
Etem - Elkins - Palmieri
Mitchell - Holland - Lasch
Brittain - McMillan - DSP
Rosehill - Wagner - Bodie

Lindholm - Guenin
Hendry - Vatanen
Smaby - Schaus

Palmieri and Lasch switched lines about halfway through the third period.

The PP lines were:
Palmieri - Vatanen - McMillan - Holland - DSP
Lindholm - Guenin - Etem - Elkins - Lasch

On the PK they mostly used the same three sets of forwards - Brittain & McMillan, Bodie & Wagner and Mitchell & Elkins. All of the defensemen were used at some point with Hendry probably being used the most.

A few notes from the game:
- Etem and Palmieri were the best two forwards offensively. Etem worked hard and was solid defensively. Offensively he was involved in the first and third goals (I thought he should have had the secondary assist on the third goal but the quality was pretty bad so I'm not sure if Lasch touched it at some point in front of the net). Palmieri looked like he was taking it easy out there but his talent level was obvious. Scored the 2nd goal on a one timer from just above the left circle.
- Elkins was solid, scored two goals which was great and was reliable at both ends. He could potentially compete for the 4th line centre job if we end up getting an NHL season.
- Holland left a lot to be desired. I barely noticed him and he didn't generate much offense at all.
- Mitchell is huge and is good along the boards. I doubt he ever sees an NHL game though.
- Wagner is fast and fiesty. Had a few scoring chances that he generated with good bursts of speed. He had a big hit in the defensive zone early on in the third period.
- Lasch was fast and worked hard. Kind of reminded me of Andrew Gordon out there. Hopefully for his sake he has better offensive ability than Gordon though.
- DSP didn't dominate as much physically as I thought he would. He was pretty solid but did leave a bit to be desired considering he is all but a lock for the NHL this year. He made a sick pass to Palmieri on the 2nd goal.
- Brittain looked like he's improved a ton since I last saw him play. He drew a penalty and generated a couple of chances, one of which was short handed. Reasonably fast once he gets going and has a great reach but is pretty clumsy out there. I don't think he'll ever make the NHL though.
- McMillan was as expected, he PKed quite a lot and was fast out there.
- Bodie was meh, I doubt he makes it back to the NHL but he's a good AHL grinder.
- Rosehill barely played.
- Lindholm was great through the first two periods. He looked almost Lidstrom like in the way he sets picks all the time. Unlike Lidstrom, he did get called for interference though. He's a good skater (his skating didn't stand out as much as I thought it would though) and wasn't afraid to use his body. Didn't show much in the offensive zone but he wasn't afraid to rush the puck. In the third period he made two glaring mistakes, the first was a brutal turnover in his own zone and the second was where he got schooled one on one by one of the Charlotte players who put the puck right through his legs for a decent scoring chance
- Vatanen was a mixture. He's not afraid to skate the puck through the neutral zone, he made a few really good rushes. His skating is outstanding, of all the defenseman we have under contract I would say only Fowler is a better skater than him. Defensively he wasn't great, he got outmuscled in the defensive zone on at least two occasions although he was pretty good positionally for the most part.
- Schaus was the worst defenseman on the ice. He's probably ECHL bound though.
- Smaby was physical and solid in his own zone. Pretty much looked like he did when he was with Tampa.
- Guenin was pretty solid. Didn't really notice him which is probably a good thing.
- Hendry was pretty solid as well. I think he made a couple of minor mistakes but nothing came of them.
- Both goalies looked good but weren't really tested a lot. Bobkov is huge.

Yeah there was no audio btw. It made it hard at first but wasn't too bad as the game went on, most players were pretty easy to pick out by their size and skating style.

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