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10-07-2012, 07:16 AM
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Much appreciated, Paul. I hope you can continue to give us the occasional analysis, and give us an idea of how our prospects are doing. I like that you're not oozing all over them, and are giving us an objective look at both the good and bad(or, at least the things that could be better) you saw in the game.

I've always paid a bit more attention to defensemen, but what you said about Vatanen and Lindholm sounds like what most of us expected. Lindholm is very young, and we're going to see young mistakes from him. I expect that he'll build some confidence, and show more on the offensive side, and that the coaches are going to start working on how he can improve his defensive game at the professional level. How polished did he look, compared to say Vatanen who has a number of years on him? Lindholm's maturity is supposed to be an asset. Based on this viewing, could you understand why Anaheim might consider Lindholm before Vatanen?

We all know Vatanen is on the smallish size, and that was an aspect that he'd probably struggle a bit with at times. This is primarily an issue on small ice, in the North American game, where he's going to be going up against powerful forwards in the corners, and he's going to need to find ways to win puck battles. I'd like to know a bit more about what you thought about his positional game. With his skating ability, he should have good gap control, and he should have no problem getting to the right spots on the ice in the D zone to cut off passes. That's what it's going to take for him to play well in the D zone, because overpowering players is unrealistic. Also, was he dangerous offensively, or did he make things happen with his rushes? Or was it more along the lines of gaining the zone, but not a whole lot came from it(which I call the Huskins syndrome)?

I expect we'll learn a lot more about them over the course of the season. One game is a rather small sample size. Mostly, it sounds like a lot of what we expected from the upper level prospects(with a few exceptions, such as DSP and Holland).

Edit: These questions really apply to anyone who has an opportunity to see them play.

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