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Originally Posted by FinProspects View Post
Very, very impressive. Also, he has had one game in C-juniors and scored a hat-trick. This guy is a d-man, right?
180cm already, so will probably be close to 190cm at some point.

B Mestis might be a tad lower skill-wise than C-SM, but players are most likely stronger and bigger. Excellent to see that Finland seems to produce some elite talent nowadays.

BTW Saarela returned to line-up y´day and scored 1+2. 3 games 8 points. I´m just wondering is there a real reason for him to play in B-juniors? Obviously its only 3 games but I´m positive that A-juniors would develop his game more. Saarela would score point/game already in A-juniors and he could play there next season also (probably he would play couple of games in Sm-liiga). We have to remember that for example Selänne never really played in B-juniors, he went from C to A. Great decision by coach Leo Äikäs back then.
Yes Vaakanainen is Dman. I think that tormentor has some insight of him. I haven't seen him play yet but I am planning to go watch him this season. Seems very intresting prospect.

I would say that B-Mestis is better competition than C-SM with a margin. It is quite a step from C to B IMO. Jr B has two age groups and players are generally much bigger. Many guys drop out when moving from jr C level to B.

I have been wondering also why Saarela isn't playing at jr A. Maybe Lukko wants him to help jr B team to qualify to SM-sarja first. Saarela has already played U16 national team games with -96 age group and the best -96 guys are all playing jr A. He would do fine at jr A. Nättinen should also get some jr A games this season.

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