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Originally Posted by Brodeur View Post
Definitely enjoyed it. Most of the stories weren't totally new, but it was different hearing the athletes tell it themselves.

Last year there was a nice story involving Indians bench player Jack Hannahan. His wife went into labor earlier than expected, but all there were no commercial flights available to get Hannahan to the hospital in time for the birth. A private flight would cost $35,000 which Hannahan figured he couldn't afford. His teammates pooled together the money and sent him on his way.

Another guy here posted that he thought Hannahan was being cheap since he made 500K that season and had a couple seasons under his belt. So by his math, 35K was just a drop in the bucket.

A few of us tried to argue that Hannahan probably saw about half of that after taxes/agents and that it was a bad assumption that he didn't start his Major League career in some form of debt. Hannahan probably was/is aware that the shelf life of a utility player isn't that great, so he shouldn't be spending 35K on a flight. But the other poster remained incredulous.
Heh, hope it wasn't me.

I've said it a few times over the years, but all the details remain foggy for me to get in depth about (I learned about this in a media class 6 or 7 years ago now), but there's all kinds of strange taxes athletes have to pay to the state of the teams they play against. I forget what it was (I think one has something to do with applying your trade in the state), or how much they had to pay, but Alex Rodriguez loses millions of dollars because of it.

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