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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
Let me tell you somthing as long as MLSE. wants to keep a monopoly in southern ontario they will get it as for the Sabres I keep telling you they are 65 miles away from Hamilton & teritory rights to a specfic area are 50 miles so Hamilton is 15 miles outside of Sabres territory & even Sabres management said a few years back that they have no teritory claim to the Hamilton market .

MLSE. was so hell bent on keeping Hamilton out the NHL. what makes Markham think that MLSE. will allow them to have a team considering Markham is right smack dab in the middle of MLSE. territory whille Hamilton is much furthier away & won't impact other MLSE. intrests ie. Raptors & Marlies .

If Rouston did is home work he should know that Hamilton is the place to be if you are an investor because Hamilton is booming right now & you can't go one place in the city without seeing some kind of buliding going up condos , hotels , new stadium you name it it is being bulit & Why Rouston chose Markham of all places to build his so called arena beats the hell out of me when he probley knows that getting an NHL. team to play there would very expensive & pretty slim .
Here is an excerpt from the meeting between the NHL and Markham representitives back in 2010. The meeting was about Markham lobbying the NHL for Canada's next NHL team.

“He said to us, north Toronto good,” recalled Markham regional councillor Jim Jones. “But he didn’t promise anything,”

It was hardly a guarantee of a team, but it was all the assurance city officials needed.

So Jim, the link is below. I ask you why would the NHL say, "North Toronto good"?

If you take the time to read the entire article Jim, you'll find Roustan has done quite a bit of planning. I think he knows the best place to put an NHL team that would be acceptable to the NHL.

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