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10-07-2012, 08:50 AM
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You'll do yourself a favor in getting hockey skates. It's VERY rare to find any sort of non-hockey skate that offers good support and feel enough for hockey.

For nearly the price (if not the same) of a new pair of non-hockey skates, you can get a low tier hockey skate. Or you can get a better used skate. Have you got a Play It Again Sports near you? I'd recommend them. Or ebay. I got a nearly new set of RBK 8Ks this summer for $150 total. That's a $300-400 skate in the stores. You've just got to know your size if you're going to buy online.

As a side note, you COULD get away with skating on a non-hockey skate. 15+ years ago as a teenager I was devoted to my cheap set of "fitness" Bauer skates, and I ruled my league with them. They were all plastic with a buckle at the top, but for me that buckle was the perfect tightness for my ankle flex and I could just fly on them. Of course I added the best bearings and a different wheel, but as far as the skate goes I didn't want anything else. The only readily available alternative were Missions, which were pretty new at the time, and I hated them. Plus, those old Bauers of mine offered a full rocker chassis whereas the Missions didn't. People used to laugh at me w/their fancy expensive skates, but the laughs didn't last long. You can't buy skills :p Anyway, I wear RBKs today because the chassis allows for a rockable chassis setup. I can skate well on a hi-lo chassis now, but I still don't prefer it.

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