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Originally Posted by CrazeeEddie View Post
Very good QA with Fehr. Makes his points very well. Couple things though, especially regarding relocation. Does anyone believe there are 30 potential NHL cities that can support a 50m floor?

Also, regarding the 50/50, I don't think there's any question that a huge cut is coming eventually. Comments like Fehr's regarding the 50%, and the players being 'entitled' to jobs are what keep me from fully understanding the players side of it.

All that being side, I am also firmly entrenched in the belief that the owners also need to develop a meaningful revenue sharing system or teams like Dallas, the Floridas, the Cali teams, Nashville, etc will never survive.

In the end, if the owners bite the bullet now and help develop the markets down there it will mean much more money for them (tv etc) later. Am I the only one who sees this?
30 teams and 50m floor, nope don't see that as possible.

I want to see the floor dropped, i want to see the % spread between floor and cap grow. Forcing teams to spend money they don't have is insane. There should be no stipulations on how one receives full rev share.

Couple of issues tho, if the floor drops to much, how do the players get their full % of HRR? How do you get to a 50/50 split without the cap going totally out of whack?

The owners chose team locations and the likes, well, they need to pay for those shortfalls in markets when they occur. This should not be a player issue, since they have no say in the matter.

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