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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Good points by Ozz, but for what you're doing, I wouldn't worry about the different chassis setups and all of that.

It doesn't matter if you can snag a pair of top-end roller boots; you NEED to make sure the wheels are still serviceable and are of an appropriate outdoor hardness rating. If the wheels are too soft and/or are worn down, it's not worth buying new wheels in that case just for a used boot.
Nah, not at all. I was just reminiscing on point about that cheapo boot I used to love. The chassis mention was just to explain why I liked them so much (the rocker).

I'd wager any hockey boot, as long as they're a comfortable fit, will serve the purpose for bummin' around outside. The Mission skates from a couple years ago seem to be available everywhere, it was like they issued them to every inline skater at one point. You can get a very good pair of those for around $50 used and they'll come w/good bearings and wheels that are made to last outside provided they still have life left. Other than that I'd look for a used Bauer Vapor or RBK, but that's me. You could "get away" with nearly anything, really.

As far as wheels go, if you end up NEEDING to get a set, I've had great experienc with Hyper Pro-150/250 which can be had for around $35/set (here, anyway). They last a long time, and I used to skate 2-3 hours on them 2x per week at a body weight of 200-220lbs. Not a single crack or split, and they wear evenly. And I'm not just clodding around on shoes with wheels like some, I'm really out there skating. Good testament to their durability, IMO.

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