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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
it's fair if your market is non existent and your investment/profits are based on future speculation. Nature of risk.

BTW, owners want more then just a 50/50 split, and even with a 50/50 split, i doubt the "speculative" markets will do that much better. What the owners really want is for salaries to be lower, so those markets can afford to sign and keep "elite" players. Which IMO, the salaries of the players, specifically the top 10%, is directly correlated with the growth of the NHL.

Until we will see those markets fullfill to it's "potential", this league will be in heaps of trouble for years to come, and more lock out will be a reality.

Like i said, owners want more then 50/50. They want cap lowered, redefine what the revenue sharing is, want to players to enter UFA less frequently. if it was only 50/50, we wouldn't be in a lock out.
Well a 50-50 split would automatically lower the cap. Those 2 issues go together. The players have said that they will not accept 1 penny less than the 57% they have now. They keep saying they want to be real partners with the owners but dont partners share the costs or running the business??

The UFA thing is a no brainer. The owners put alot of money into scouting, then drafting, then developing players just to see them walk away to the rich teams as they hit their prime.

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