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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
The NHL. meet with Hamilton representitives as well back early in 2010 as well & said the same thing & I also reacall Gary Bettman saying a NHL. team in Markham could work but would make no where near the amount of money the leafs do . The thing is whar makes more business sense a NHL. team in Markham which would cost about 600 - 700 million dollars on top of what that new arena would cost & you have to find some one who will shell out that kind of money for a hockey team as for Hamilton we are booming with economic investment right now also you could put an NHL. team in Hamilton for 60% of the cost that would take to put a team in Markham not to mention you would less resistance in Hamilton than you would Markham . Because if push come to shove & MLSE. has to make a choice who to allow to have an NHL. team between Hamilton & Markham they would choose the city that is far enough away that it won't effect both there hockey & non hockey intrest & that city is Hamilton .
I do agree MLSE would rather see a team in Hamilton than Markham. My own belief, it's not MLSE's call and that is why the teachers sold. The league has many ways to pressure MLSE. For example they can force them to pay even more into revenue sharing, say 50 million per year. Or they can allow a second team in the area and pay only 25 million into rev sharing. The Leafs would prefer Hamilton if they had a choice. The League would prefer Markham, so as to do the least amount of damge to the Sabres. My opinion only obviously but time will tell. Cheers!

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