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10-07-2012, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
The NHL. meet with Hamilton representitives as well back early in 2010 as well & said the same thing & I also reacall Gary Bettman saying a NHL. team in Markham could work but would make no where near the amount of money the leafs do . The thing is whar makes more business sense a NHL. team in Markham which would cost about 600 - 700 million dollars on top of what that new arena would cost & you have to find some one who will shell out that kind of money for a hockey team as for Hamilton we are booming with economic investment right now also you could put an NHL. team in Hamilton for 60% of the cost that would take to put a team in Markham not to mention you would less resistance in Hamilton than you would Markham . Because if push come to shove & MLSE. has to make a choice who to allow to have an NHL. team between Hamilton & Markham they would choose the city that is far enough away that it won't effect both there hockey & non hockey intrest & that city is Hamilton .
Clarification needed... are you saying $600-$700MM is what the potential owner of a team in Markham would pay in expansion fees?

Also, just throwing this out there... when would you forecast (what year) that a replacement arena for Copps would occur?

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